Financial Market

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February 21, 2018
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Financial Market

Many people might question themselves “How can I lead a life without worrying about money”

Well for sure having a job is a good income and if the job is stable and for the rest of your life it will be helpful to realise this kind of wish. However many people even if they have a job they won’t have enough earnings left over to enjoy their retirement, thats why many people decide to invest their money into stocks and hope for enough return. However it is not to recommend to ask your local banker to help you invest into stocks. After all they need to make money too ,which results in them not informing you about everything and leave out important details.

How can i be successful on the stock market then? 

this can be solved in the most simplest way. First deprive yourself of Greed after you kicked greed out of your mind start to make a plan of how much money you want to save each year. Lets take a small sum of 1000€ per year. Those 1000€ we hold on our bank and invest each year at the beginning of the new year.

Next step is to choose a company to invest

This is one of the more simple steps, choosing a company to invest. As you know when choosing a company to invest you should choose a company that you believe won’t be forgotten in 10 or 20 years. As you write down all the companies you have on your mind without searching online, you should research of how much  money those companies actually make and look online if they are gonna exist for long.

For example Apple, this company will surely exist for another 10 years and will make in those 10 year enough money, so it will be worthy to invest wouldn’t it be?.

Yes it will be a safe investment for the next 10 years.

So we choose an investment and now what? Keeping calm and forgetting about it isn’t a good thing but surely helps. First we are gonna invest 1000€ on January first, this step we repeat over 10 years, as the time goes the company will be making money and you will be receiving a part of it you can assume as long as you know of that company its worth will be increasing, as well as the 1000€ you putting in every year.

This will make you continuously get back your investment because you are always reentering the company and after 10 years you can make the same decision again if this company can hold for another 10 years or not.

Those kind of rational thoughts will make you having a return of 10% per year which makes you having enough for your retirement.