Confirmed Release Date for Bless Online

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February 21, 2018

Confirmed Release Date for Bless Online

The release date for Bless online

is confirmed to be in May 2018. finally the game many of you may have waited for is coming out and going to keep you days in the chair or hopefully.

We got some delicious data on Bless for you.

First of the official website was launched today with some nice information about its payment model. As we already speculated that it will be a b2p(buy to play) with an p2progress In game shop, it is confirmed now. Many will question if the in game shop will be too much p2w after all p2progress or p2w is pretty much the same. As we thought about it we come to the conclusion that the in game shop itself will probably only be about 20% more helpful than not paying a cent. As we already played JP we can say that the in game shop will focus mostly on some bonus for pets and costumes and backpack expansion. You can see in our other article about the in game shop on JP.

We don’t worry that the in game shop will cause players to run away after all if the game is good many players don’t mind to spend 20$ a year for a game that they play daily anyway.

Considering past b2p games we can guess that the game will be between 20-40$ and have a decent in game shop for average 2-20$ items. As well there will be an early Bird Pack, for all those that want to support the game, the price is not set yet so we guess from past experience it will be 4 pass from 10-90$.

Last but not least we found out on some leaks that the game will have 5 working characters right now with the new combat system, that means the assasin and the mystic are not working on the reworked version yet.

However it might change and we will have more information regarding this till mid April. We surely hope that all classes will be playable during early release but maybe they will be implemented during early release.