Bless online

February 21, 2018

Bless online

Bless online is coming to Steam in 2018

we are very excited to show you the world of Bless online, after many struggles and downs it is finally coming to the west. It will be a self publish from Neowiz, that means we will have full attention to the servers from the developers. This is really exciting to know , because who else know the game the best if not the developers themselves.

A short introduction to Bless which is a fantasy MMORPG with a cash shop and will be considered B2P or F2p . This means that it will be depending on the concept Neowiz is going for, less p2w or more p2w. As of now we can assume that Neowiz is one of the few Developers and Creators that isn’t having a bad reputation of being greedy and having hardcore cash shops. Naturally the company needs to survive and pay their programmers which means it will have a cash shop for sure, which for now is only p2progress faster.

Many players in the western world are very excited and so for everyone who wants to be part of bless here is a layout of the Factions.

Bless online will be divided into 2 Factions.

Choose to align yourself with either Hieron, the Northern Holy Empire united in defending the civilized world or Union, the Federation of the southern races that aim to challenge Hieron for the supremacy over all land.

As well as 7 races, each of the 7 races you choose from will present you with a unique character story. 7 classes with different skills and combat style will provide you with just the right type of hero for your play style. With the best-of-class character creation system, you can make the character exactly as you envisioned.

What might interest you is probably which classes will be available and will it suit me.

We tested the classes on the Japanese servers where Bless is currently undergoing beta testings , however since Neowiz announced that the Western version will be the most advanced version and will have a different combat system than we seen till now, it is not sure how much will change.

For now we can say that the core and nature of the classes won’t change.


This will be the main Tank class in game, it has the strongest defence and a good amount of CC, however as we played on the Japanese Server we noticed that the overall combat of this class is really slow and low damage, which could be very demanding.

We can say that the difficulty of this class will be easy


The melee damage Dealer, we can say that this class is very hard to play right, he can do a lot damage but will be easy to defeat while he can be an off tank but has lower damage output. His skills which might change but the nature of his skills is focused on AoE male damage and CC.

His difficulty is Hard


The healer and Tank, this class is the class that got high Defence spells and can heal HP too. It will be a very important class and can be used in a variety of dungeons. The damage output is really low and comparable to Guardian which makes solo levelling really compelling.

difficulty easy


On the test server we could see that this class was the most popular class, while playing we could understand why. As the only physical damage ranger, it has the highest single target damage and can be used for soloing dungeon. As well as PvP this class was one of the best, its defence is really low but not so low that it can be one hitted.

difficulty medium


The stealth and one hit PvP monster or this is what we wish, this class needs more balance as it is pretty RNG whether stealth works or not, the dmg output isn’t as high as one would wish for. It certainly will be a important PvP class and have its difficulty in solo levelling and will be finding difficulties in dungeons, but a deadly shadow on the battlefield.

difficulty hard


This is probably the standard class in all MMORPGs the mage, the magical Damage dealer with AoE spells and the hardest hitting class, this is a very balanced class with high cool downs. However this class was on the test server very rewarding and had easy levelling and PvPs. However the combat was very monoton and didn’t make it exciting to play for long.

difficulty medium


This is a special class that is maybe the most anticipated class in Bless Online . The healing damage dealer, this class is having high healing spells with magical damage spells, they are AoE concentrated and can be considered very exciting to play with. As this class wasn’t introduced to the Japanese server we can’t really tell how it is, but we can guess that this class will be the strongest in arena PvP and maybe 1 v 1 strongest class.

difficulty medium

As days pass we will update the blog with new information regarding this and hope Bless will be a special and unique game that won’t disappoint us.