About us

We are in Love with Gaming

We of 2 Sama are depressed of the current (2018) standard of the gaming and publishing industry... As the games are getting better and more fun the monetisation of those wonderful games and the non existent support makes even those good games into dead games.
Another problem we come across is that most games produced nowadays are produced in asian countries, until those games hit the European or American market it takes years. The worst of this is that when the game gets released its poorly translated as if they just hit google translator over it, to top it off the server stability is horrible.
Over the Years we come to the conclusion that the standard of bringing an asian game into the European or American market serves only the purpose of milking it for 4 to 7 months and be fine with the results and let it die.

What we want to achieve

Our Goal is to create a publisher thats having a support that cares about its player , one thats bringing asian games to the european and american market way faster and we hate to make games pay to win.
We like the fortnite model of paying once for premium and with continues playing keeping it up, of course we aren't dreamers and believe that we can survive or even convince the developers to this kind of low income models, but we want to have a huge player base to make even low income models become attractive to the developers!
We love gaming after all and our dream is to have a active gaming world thats giving everyone good memories of having fun